Das Ist Lustig (TBA)

The name translates to “That’s Fun” and this German Band from Houston, Texas delivers. They perform traditional German and Alpine music with a fresh energetic style. Polkas, waltzes, and two steps are played on accordion, autoharp and traditional Alpine instruments like tuned cowbells, Bavarian xylophone, Alphorn and singing saw. The band often invites guests to play the tuned cowbells or other hand held instruments. With yodeling, singing along, folk dancing, and a little organized chaos, Das Ist Lustig can transform any place into a boisterous musical playground for young and young at heart alike. The Deutsches Haus is overjoyed to have them back at our Oktoberfest.

Yodel Blitz (TBA)

Yodel Blitz is made up of Lori Wisnian-Brooke (Lorelei) and Sharlene Trumet (Schatzi) along with her husband Gary Trumet. From the seventies on, the Trumet family formed bands called the Sauerkrauts and Lorelei and Schatzi, both performing German folk music. Schatzi played clarinet and saxophone and sang in the family group while Gary added his talents as a showman, singing, yodeling and playing many instruments. After a successful run at Disney’s EPCOT Center, Gary elevated the Austin, Texas based band to national popularity, bringing German/Austrian music to Las Vegas, Orlando, Florida, Vermont, New Hampshire, and, well, just about every state in the union. The Deutsches Haus is proud to welcome them back to New Orleans.


Get ready for some unorthodox fun. Justin and The Brats perform a raucous vibrant reinterpretation of traditional German music. You never know what to expect from this spontaneous local band who always gets the audience jumping. The Deutsches Haus is ecstatic to have this exciting band back at our Oktoberfest.


The Ira Milan Polka Band (TBA )

With a zeal for “progressive oom-pah”, the Brats are on a mission to maintain polka integrity, and deliver the heart-pumping sounds of polka. Their progressive take on traditional polka is described as nothing short of pure lucid entertainment. A Deutsches Haus favorite since 2010.

Prost (TBA )

This local band is great at getting the audience involved. With Jim at the helm and whether it is with the Chicken Dance or with the “travelling tuba”, the audience will never be disappointed. We welcome Prost back to our celebration.

Dixie Hofkapelle (TBA )

This local band has performed at our Oktoberfests for many years. Under Louis’ leadership, the music has always been lively and his arrangements have been fantastic. Come on out and join the band as they perform traditional German waltzes, polkas, marches, and also lead the audience in “line” dancing.

The Bayou Bavarians (TBA )

This local band returns to our Oktoberfest, playing traditional German tunes as well as local favorites. Two band members are members of our Deutsches Haus and Julie has played with many bands at the Deutsches Haus over 30 years.